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M101 (Pinwheel Galaxy)

M101 (Pinwheel Galaxy)

Image orientation: North is on the upper side.

Exposure Data:

Date: 07.+08.+16.+17.+18.04.2010.
Telescope: Newtonian 250mm @ f/4.8 on Losmandy G11 mount.
Camera: SBIG ST 2000 @ -15°C.
Exposure: LRGB with L = [LRGB] containing all L, R, G, B frames, R = R + H-alpha. L - 44x600s, R - 18x600s, G - 13x600s, B - 15x600s, H-alpha - 9x600s. No binning. Total exposure time: 16h30m.
Location: Rhein-Main area, Germany.
Processing: MaximDL, Pixinsight.