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M95, M96, NGC3628 (Leo Triplett)

The Leo Triplett consists of the three spiral galaxies M66, M65 and NGC3628. It is also known as the M66 group. It is 36 million light-years away. The edge on galaxy NGC3628 has a weak tidal tail that is approximately 300,000 light-years long.

  1. M65, M66, NGC3628 (Leo Triplett)

  2. M65, M66, NGC3628 (Leo Triplett) - Luminance

  3. M65, M66, NGC3628 (Leo Triplett) - object identification

  4. NGC3628 wit star tail (not a prettyp picture")3628 with star tail - not a pretty pichture

  5. Star tail - enlarged

  6. Star tail - with annotaions