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NGC253 (Sculptor Galaxy)

NGC253 (Sculptor Galaxy)

NCG253 is the brightest member of the small Sculptor Group of galaxies.
The central region of NGC253 shows a hudge amount of star formation.
NGC253 is about 13 million light years away from earth.

Image orientation: North is about 20° left from the vertical line.

Exposure Data:

Date: 10.+11.+12.+13.11.2010
Telescope: William Optics FLT 132mm @ f/7 and Corrector at 10Micron GM2000 mount.
Camera: SBIG ST 2000 @ -15°C.
Exposure: LRGB - L (1x1 binned) 19x600s, RGB (2x2 binned) 8x300s / 6x300s / 9x300s. Total exposure time: 5h05m.
Location: Sahara Sky Hotel, Zagora, South Morocco.
Note: No flat field images could be taken due to technical restrictions.
Processing: MaximDL, Photoshop
Publication: VdS Journal für Astronomie 40 [I/2012]