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M35 and NGC 2158

M35 and NGC 2158

M35 is an open cluster consisting of some hundred stars. It is about 2,700 light-years away. The small compact cluster NGC2158 is one of the most remote observable objects in the band of the Milky-Way, just about 12,000 light years away.

Image orientation: North is on top.

Exposure Data

Date: 22.03.2012
Telescope: Newtonian 250mm @f/4.8 on Losmandy G11 mount
Camera: MI G2-8300FR @ -25°C
Exposure: Mosaic consisting of 2 LRGB - frames, 3x300s / 3x300s / 3 (2) x300s / 3x300s. No binning.
Note: Guiding with Pentax 75 SDHF and SBIG ST2000
Processing: MaximDL and Pixinsight